Happy Divers

Our 2nd dive site of the day is usually somewhere along the south west shoreline of Maui, home of the Hawaiian green sea turtles. Almost every site along the shoreline offers friendly encounters with these graceful creatures; hanging out at their cleaning stations, feeding, or lounging around the lava formations which provide hiding places for nap time.

Some of our favorite sites are listed below.

The Saint Anthony Shrimp Boat before it was a reef.

ST. ANTHONY WRECK--depth 65 feet

This 65' longliner was intentionally sunk in 1997 in the middle of an existing artificial reef. A number of turtles have made it their home. A great place to find octopus, eels, frog fish, nudibranchs, and a wide variety of tropical fish. We've had a number of dolphin encounters here over the years!

WAILEA POINT ---depth 40 Feet

In addition to cruising this beautiful coral reef between 25 and 40' of water, the main attraction is outside the main reef. Just a short swim from the reef are isolated coral mounds housing Hawaiian lion fish, turkey fish, leaf scorpion fish, cleaner shrimps, mantis shrimps, flying gunards, and countless other rare creatures. Manta and eagle rays frequent this site as well.

HALOA POINT ---depth 40 Feet

There's actually 2 different reefs to explore here. Providing interesting lava formations, including a couple of large archways. Hosting a wide variety of moray eels, frog fish, lobsters, and an occasional white tip reef shark.

TURTLE TOWN ---depth 40 feet

Also known as Nahuna Pt., this site got it's nickname due to the abundance of turtle cleaning stations. A great site for divers and snorkelers as so many of the pinnacles come very close to the surface. We've had our snorkelers spot curious octopus in the shallows here!

TURTLE BURBS ---depth 40 feet

Located just north of Turtle Town (the suburbs). It's not uncommon to see 8-12 turtles all sharing one cleaning station. We think they live on this reef and commute back & forth to turtle Town. This site has a number of healthy antler corals which are home to a variety of crabs, slipper lobsters, frog fish...and the rarely seen harlequin shrimp. This is also a favorite for eagle rays.

FIVE CAVES ---depth 40 feet

The lava flows here created swim through caves, archways, and ledges to explore...hence the name. One of the caves has a black coral bush in only 30' of water. You can actually surface inside the "bubble cave" and say aloha to each other. There are frequent siting of white tip reef sharks, frog fish, and manta rays.

PUU'OLAI / RED HILL ---depth 40 feet

This a beautiful shallow reef (40' max) which we do as a drift dive, as the current sweeps through here towards Makena beach. Offering an abundance of juvenile fish, variety of eels, and turtles...of course. There's a large lava cave to swim through where there's usually some white tip sharks, and a great place to find lobster. Because the current sweeps through this site, Manta and eagle rays are seen quite often.