Launching the Sundance at the Kihei Boat Ramp We launch our boat each morning at the Kihei Boat Ramp (see google map). The Kihei Boat Ramp is complete with parking, excellent restrooms, and showers.

Our check-in time is 7:30 a.m. You’ll see the silver and red SUNDANCE III on the trailer in the parking lot. That’s where we’ll load your gear on board (or provide you with whatever you need) and have you sign in before we put the boat in the water. We usually return to the dock around 12:00 p.m.

After launching, we cruise down the South Maui coastline as the sun rises behind Haleakala, our 10,000' volcano.

In more than 18 years of running charters here in Maui, we’ve learned that we really can’t determine which dives we’re going to do on any particular day until we check the latest weather conditions; every day is different.
We love requests, and we make every effort to fulfill them! See a list of some dive sites, and especially Molokini

With a dozen different dives available at Molokini Crater and more another 12 different dive sites along the South Maui coastline, we have a lot to choose from. Wherever the weather conditions are BEST is where we take you diving!

Typically, we do our first dive at Molokini Crater, where the underwater visibility averages 100' or more, year around. The island of Molokini is a nature preserve with over 450 different species of tropical fish – more than 25% of which are endemic to Hawaii, and about 20% of those are found only in Molokini. Because Molokini is far enough offshore, we often see pelagics – large skipjack tuna, manta rays, eagle rays, dolphins, white-tip reef sharks, gray reef sharks, barracuda, and the occasional whale shark (the biggest fish in the ocean). Other animals we encounter include octopus (Emi’s favorite), frogfish, more than seven different kinds of eels, rare species of angelfish and butterflyfish, lobsters, sea cucumbers, urchins, flounder, flying gunards, dartfish . . . the list goes on and on. And we have books on board to identify everything we encounter.

Once we decide on a dive site, we provide a very thorough briefing, covering literally everything from equipment orientation to hand signals, buddy-teams, safety stops, and entry and exit, and we answer any questions before we begin. We take your safety seriously. After the first dive we relax and enjoy the warm Maui sun, provide you with refreshments and fruit, and discuss our options for the second dive site – and all the cool marine life we’ve just encountered! We usually do our second dive near the South Maui coastline, weather permitting. These dive sites are 60' or less, and their topography is very different from Molokini. The lava formations along the shoreline offer archways, live rock, caves, lava tubes, and a large variety of hard corals. A lot of the marine species we encounter along the coast are not found at Molokini, such as green sea turtles, and some of the rarest creatures in Hawaiian waters: Hawaiian lion fish, turkey fish, leaf scorpion fish, harlequin shrimp, helmet conch, and even the extremely rare sea horse . . . and the list goes on. It’s not unusual to get more than an hour of bottom time on this dive. Bring a macro lens! As you come up from the second dive, we have a fresh water shower on board, deli sandwiches, and snacks. On the way back to the boat ramp – telling stories, signing logbooks, seeing whales (in season) – you don’t have to worry about cleaning your dive gear. When we dock, we’ll pull the boat out and rinse all your gear for you . . . because YOU are on vacation! So, come join us for an unforgettable day (or more) on Maui’s beautiful ocean! You’ll be glad you did!